Welcome to Casjays Developments server!
This server is for the testing and development of my products.

This server is also hosting all domains owned by
Casjays Developments and Jason M. Hempstead-Malak

This server is running on a Dell Poweredge 2950 which was manufactured around 2007
It has 2 Intel quad core processors running at 2.33GHz with 16 Gigs ram.
It also has seven internal hardrives.
Internal Drives total about 4TB.

The following services/servers are powering this server
Server Monitoring: munin, nagios, webmin, mon
Server Administration: Webmin with virtualmin and Usermin
Gateway: dns, dhcpd, tftp
Firewall: Shorewall/Fail2Ban
Webserver: Apache/nginx/lighttpd/cherokee
Remote: OpenSSH/ProFTPd
Proxy: Squid+SquidGuard+DansGuardian
Mail: Postfix+Dovecot+Amavisd-new+ClamAV
DataBase: MySQL/PgSQL
Radio: IceCast
Auth Servers: LDAP, Kerberos, Radius
News: Inn and Mailman
Jabber: OpenFire
Version Control: CVS, SVN, GIT, BZR
Dialin Server: PoPToP (coming Soon)
SIP Server: PBXinaFlash/IncrediblePBX

Service Statuses can be found here
Server list can be found here

The Server CA Certificate can be downloaded here

Server Uptime/Loads/Messages:

  09:25:47 up 15 days,  9:53,  0 users,  load average: 0.60, 0.27, 0.20

Network uptime percentage:

For Full system messages click here



Below Is The Computer That Provides All Of The Services!!!!
This is the current setup!
Click for full image
Click for full image

This was the previous setup!
Click for full image

PB CentOS Linux
PB Apache PB MySQL PB PHP PB PostgreSQL PB Webmin
PB Postfix PB Mailman PB Asterisk PB FreePBX PB PBXinaFLASH

server software: Apache
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